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While the Photo Collective covers many events on campus, our staff cannot cover all events. We are a group of students (with busy schedules!) hoping to gain experience and photographs for our personal and professional portfolios. Once your request for a staff photographer is received, you will receive an email from our directors confirming your request and a second email with the name of the photographer if we are able to provide you with a photographer.

While the Photo Collective provides free photographers for events, we are only able to cover some events without payment. For event coverage including speakers, conferences, or meetings, the Photo Collective asks for payment. These types of events don’t help our photographers improve their skills and they’re unable to use them in their professional portfolios. Therefore, we generally charge $25/hr, a rate that we feel is appropriate for the quality of photos we provide. The fee goes directly to the photographer. However, if you are a student run organization, we can adjust our rate accordingly if your organization is unable to pay (we too, have a limited budget!)

Please request a photographer for your event at least 2 weeks in advance. Be sure to include the date of the event, time of the event, what types of photographs you’d like to receive, and if you are able to pay the rate of $25/hr. Submitted requests will be attended to within 72 hours of the submission date.

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